Sauerkraut and Potato Dumplings

What You Need:

1. 3 cups -Mashed potatoes (cold) I make instant potatoes according to directions to make 3 cups then cool completely
2. 3 cups – flour
3. 3 eggs
4. 1 TBS salt
5. 1 cup –chicken broth (dissolve 1 TBS chicken bouillon in 1 cup of hot water)
6. 1 ring of Polish sausage (Polska if possible)
7. 1 large jar of sauerkraut

What You Do:

1. Mix potatoes, eggs and salt to a smooth consistency
2. Add flour gradually until all three cups are in
3. Add more flour if the mixture is too sticky to work with
4. Flatten the dough on flour covered surface to keep from sticking (I use the plastic cutting board sheets)
5. Use a pizza cutter to cut into strips approximately 11/2” x ¾” x 3/8” thick
6. Drop into boiling water – cook until they float, do not over cook
7. Cool in cold water(I remove the ones that are done and cool in a colander set in cold water)
8. In a crock pot, add sauerkraut, dumplings, polish sausage and chicken broth
9. Cook for approximately 2 hours on high heat or until heated through
10. Stir occasionally