Top Ramen for Two (every college kid’s dream date)

My boyfriend and I made this and the entire meal for two was $3.45. And! We still had leftovers for one the next day.

What You Need:

  1. 2 Packs Ramen of your flavor choice
  2. Diced Ham or an Egg
  3. 1 Pack Frozen Peas
  4. 2 celery sticks
  5. 1/2 bell pepper
  6. 10-15 baby carrots or 1 carrot
  7. Lemon

What You Do:

  1. Okay, so it isn’t instant ramen. Boil some water, chop the carrots, pepper, and celery into bite sized pieces. Boil all the vegetables for a few minutes and then put the noodles and chunked ham in for the usual 2 minutes.
  2. Add in one of the sauce packets. (Two has a TON of sodium!)
  3. Cook, add the lemon in early with the vegetables for more flavor uptake.
  4. Enjoy. Preferably with a beer. You can spring the extra money you have for a good beer. Or with white tea, as pictured below. :D

What It Will Look Like: